Interview with Bronte Perkinson

This is a glimpse into the life of the Australian artist Bronte Perkinson. Her time is spent singing, writing, creating, preforming and sharing her thoughts and experiences, and we are so thrilled to be sharing a interview with her!

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Bronte and I'm 16 years old, I live near the northern beaches NSW. I love to write songs and sing, kinda my form of therapy. Basically I'm just a young girl, trying to spread a message. I am old soul, I feel I've been here before. Music is my way to encourage and find a common ground between individuals, as in society I find there's so much segregation. I love the beach, my place of chaos and calm and I love anything to do with nature.

If you could describe your music in three words, what would it be?

 Heavy, raw and enlightening. 

 Do you have any current favorite artists?

 Definitely banks!! She is a dream in all. Always Cat Stevens or Neil young, they're my song writing heroes, and probably Kendrick Lamar, his stuff is very innovative and new.

 What is it like to be performing at restaurants, school etc.?

 Performing at restaurants are good practice, and it's quite nice when someone goes out of their way to talk to me or watch me as it's not a very personal gig. School performances or markets are a fave as people sit and watch, it's more intimate.

 Tell us about your songwriting-process (do you write on your phone, computer, by hand? What inspires you to write?...)

 ALOT, probably majority of my songs have actually been written in one go. I just record, play the chords and word vomit. I found writing like this always my unconscious to do the talking, that’s when all the good stuff comes out. Sometimes I'll go back and polish the song but as long as it tells how I’m feeling or I can reflect on it, then I’m happy. It's all just word vomit really hehe.

How do you balance school, friends, work and music?

 To be honest school killed me at the start of this year. I’m currently in year 11 & boy oh boy was I shocked, I worked my ass off in assessment (which yes were rewarding), but it just wasn’t me. I’m a creative thinker I have to be outside and living, I got too caught up in it all. So I’ve toned it down, school is just a stepping stone to me and a place where I meet people, not much else. I don’t let it consume me. Friends come and go and everyone I’ve met and still know I appreciate every lesson they teach me. My mother always say“friends are for a reason, a season or a lifetime” and that basically the way I go about friendships.

I moved from Sydney up near the northern beaches around a year and a bit ago. It was hard but I had moved from school to school, area to area all my life so I adapted. I’ve met amazing people up here and the journeys only just begun. I'm always open to meeting new individuals.

  Any people who inspires you on a daily basis?

I had never had a relationship, nothing serious. I came to my high school with the mind set of “stuff boys, too hard” until all of a sudden mr. Callum came along. He is my ocean boy, he has showed me apart of the world I never knew, and he is my best friend. He swindled me over in about the first term of school, the greedy bugger ;) But I’m happy for how we worked out as he’s definitely someone who’s in my life for a reason.

Any particular experience that have made you into the person you are today?

Hard to pin point. I guess it's the little things, like humiliation and fights or being scared or just growing that’s made me who I am.

I went vegan almost 3 years ago and that’s probably been THE BIGGEST game changer for me as my whole perspective changed. In an odd ethereal way my life feels quite dull and dark before I went vegan, I taught myself how to cook proper nutrition and my health skyrocketed.

 I had always been active as I danced most my life but my health was never important, so yeah turning vegan really impacted who I am today.  

 Do you have any tips on reaching your goals/pursing your dreams?

 A lot of kids and friends my age are terrified that they don’t have a goal, and that everything is gonna turn to nothing, but it takes time. Life is about learning and contributing in order to make yourself a better person. I’ve always known I wanted to perform, as I love to make people surprised, entertained and interested. I believe there is one thing (or a couple things) that make people determined beyond belief. Find what makes you willing to spend time on and effort into and follow it, enjoy the journey not just the destination.

  Where do you see yourself in the future work wise, travel plans etc.?

In the future I’m gonna be touring. I'm determined to, I want to meet such a wide audience. I want to meet young girls and boys who listen to my songs and create friendship. I want to become a voice.

Callum and I are both very driven people and would love to travel together I just want to be out in the world. I say first I’m going to Sri Lanka but hey, who knows where I’ll be. That’s the fun in it.

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