Last winter when we had been sledding
In the white untouched snow
We played outside until my teeth were chattering
My friends and I built a fort I was proud to show
I knocked on the window to get Mom’s attention
Proud, I wanted her to come and see
Have her smile and congratulate me
It took a little time for her to appear at the window
She was moving slower as time was passing
Why I didn’t really understand or know
She mouthed, “ Come inside and get warm. We’ll talk and have peppermint tea.”
I nodded and hurried, leaving my friends behind to have tea in front of the fire with Mom
I had no idea this time was special and soon she’d disappear like Frosty
But unlike Frosty she would not come back one day
Instead she told me stories about Angels, I remember them all still today

While sipping peppermint tea
Mom would tell me,
Remember Angels you made in the snow
They’re watched by the Angels from
up above
As Angels they greet each other
With mutual understanding
Messages of enduring love
Warming the broken hearts within
Only time will heal the wounds so recently made
She’s gone, but you can send her messages in the snow
She’ll answer, warming the hearts of those suffering
Angels take care of things that were left in the dark
That needed to be said before anything
Funerals are just part of the social scene
Prestige, a waste of time and money
Their souls already moved on
Having shed their cumbersome shell

-Peppermint angles, Melissa Watson