I read about girls made of sunlight and moonlight, girls that make you feel at home just by walking into the room, girls with gold hearts and bright eyes. 

i read about these girls and think about how I don’t fit in. i think about the 
dirt under my nails, the way I’m always too loud, how I can’t get through a 
conversation without saying the wrong thing. i think about how distant I can be. 

i’ll never be able to relate to the girls who weave stars in their hair, the girls Aphrodite bows too, the girls with voices like rain. but I think that’s okay 
there are girls with voices that echo like thunder and I’m still listening. there 
are girls with eyes that don’t remember how to brighten, girls who forgot what it 
feels like to have the sun on their skin, girls who are just trying to make it to 
the next day so they can make it to the day after that. 

there are girls who feel like hurricanes, girls who only feel like hurting, girls 
with enough anger in them to take out a whole city block. 

there are girls who don’t want to be called yours, girls who keep tasers in their 
back pocket and by god if you get close they will use it. 

i read about all the sunlight girls and the moonlight girls and 
i think about the girls who are neither, but still just as worth it. 
i think about how I am neither, but still just as worth it.