last night, i had dinner with a friend. a friend that — for ten years — was the one i told everything to and knew the deepest parts of me. we spent a long time wounding each other and being wounded by each other. it’d been three years since all of that first started happening, and last night, we both waved our white flags. we confessed through painful tears how much we miss each other and how much we both think about each other every day. my shame and my pride had kept me from this moment of vulnerability for three years. it took every ounce of courage to continue to express my desire to be back in my friend’s life and guess what? they want me in theirs.

vulnerability, my friends, is always, always the answer. i had forgotten this very simple truth that i hold so close to my heart. so, punch your pride and shame in the face and be transparent with the people you love, no matter how scary it may feel. whatever the outcome is for you (good or bad), you will be okay.