I’ll skip kissing in the rain and walking on the streets of Paris, 
but let’s dance on the bed in the morning 
- pajamas on and huge smiles on our faces
I don’t want grand gestures or you standing outside my door with a boom box over your head
if it means I get lazy evenings on a tattered couch, spilling popcorn on your lap and laughing over cheap wine


when I think of moments I’d like to share with you,
they’re as simple as my hand resting on your chest when I wake up 
and the rhythm of your breathing on my cheek 
- just me being alive next to you. 
there are no images of roses scattered on the floor and boat rides on sunsets,

no fancy dinners and food with names we can’t pronounce 

no, I don’t see a fairy tale romance
and a love story worth making movies about

but I do see tiny moments,
just tiny, infinite moments
you and me.

You and me.

-Genefe Navilon