Dear little sister,
I am so sorry you live in a house that feeds off of hate and not hope. I’m so sorry you grew up not knowing the difference between Muslims and terrorism. That you didn’t know what gay meant until last week and you only found out because it’s what your older brother describes his friends as when they refuse to go out drinking. I am so sorry you are not nurtured in love, but instead with guilt. 
Dear, little sister, you will not know how to love until he teaches you. You will not know it’s okay to push him away until it is too late. You don’t know any better, you were taught that hate and religion come together, that love is only meant for one kind of people. You will always oppress your opinion because you think you shouldn’t have one. The words “Once a criminal, always a criminal,” will echo in your head every time you watch the news on mute. You will dye your hair blonde because it is the whitest characteristic you know. 
You will have children and teach them that love did not win and that religion is good, unless it’s not their religion, then it’s terrorism. Your children will scream words that they know not the meaning of to kids at the playground in hate. You will not think this is wrong. 
Little sister, 
You were raised by people who had their hearts stolen and never returned, any ounce of mercy gone. You were taught hate from day one. You went through years and years of yelling over the same old topic every single time. 
It is not your fault you are this way. It is not your fault you hate and hate until you cannot hate anymore. It’s what you were taught. I was taught the same, I just didn’t listen. 
Dear Little Sister, 
I am so sorry I could not get to you before they did.