If there is one thing I hate, it is when people say that crushes are harmless. I don’t know what kind of lighthearted crush those people have peacefully overcome but for most of us, crushes are such a heartbreaking part of growing up. I had my first crush at eleven years old and when I was twelve my heart was crushed. Not so much because he did not like me, it was the aftermath of everyone finding out I had liked him and the cyber bullying that followed. The nasty words sent to me by his friends. The real life version of chinese whispers, where my harmless intentions turned into something scandalous. I am now 23 years old and not a day goes by, where I don’t torment myself by over analysing that situation. I am strangled by the hands of my own self hatred, all because of a seemingly harmless crush. There is nothing harmless about something that keeps a girl awake at night in fear that the next boy she fancies, will point the finger and accuse her as a stalker for simply admiring him. For the past eleven years of my life I have struggled to even believe I am deserving of love and sweetheart, I am living proof that crushes can cause just as much damage as a breakup from a relationship can. Crushes can be harmful, please look out for your sisters and brothers and bestfriends, nobody deserves to feel as aweful and unwanted and unloveable as I have and I wouldn’t wish this upon anybody.

— Cinnamonhugsandblanketforts