December passed by like it did last year
this time I brought you with me
this time you’re more gone than I am
January has been here and half a month in
I still don’t know where the time went
I still don’t know where I went 
February will be here soon
I wonder if you’ve ever had a valentine
I wonder if you’ve ever gotten your first kiss
March will be quick about it
this time it’s not about me
this time it’s not about words
The months will leave an aftertaste in my mouth 
have you ever been in love with anyone?
have you ever been destroyed by someone?
As the months go by
I promise that you’re not missing much 
I promise that if you are
I’ll make my mistakes for you
I’ll make my future for you 
And if that’s not enough,
It will be enough.
I’ll do this for you.
No structure, no metaphors
I’ll build a stairway to heaven 
and give you a forehead kiss
I’ll build a tower so tall
clouds will cry upside down
just to grow roses
near your favorite stars
you can name them anything.
they’re all yours.