our love started out as a tree, eventually growing into a forest, and it flourished. we were bursting with life, overflowing. we were roots, deep down to the core of the earth, we were leaves and fall and all things pretty. until one day you decided you didn’t want us to flourish anymore and you struck a match and set me ablaze. you ran, took all of the life and left me to wither and die. left me stuck here, rooted in the ashes of what once was so beautiful. you left me to rot, while you moved onto prettier, more alive things. but you did this, you turned me into a forest fire that no firefighter dared to even fucking enter because the flames roared so high, because it was unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. so even the people who were trained to save, couldn’t pull me out, couldn’t salvage my life. but just as you thought you’d burnt me all down and removed all evidence of life, here i am, growing again despite the precious wreckage.