It’s not with purpose I cry so often before we go to bed. I love you with all my heart and that is my point, my love for you is overwhelming me. There are days when I can’t even breathe because I miss you so much. It is more than hard for me to have my days go on without you by my side. You live there, and I live here. Our schedules won’t match but I try my best to hold everything together. You Are My Everything. I want to see a future with you, more than anything else, where I can touch your beautiful face and body every day. I don’t want any more nights, where I have to cry myself to sleep because my heart is aching. I don’t want to start crying in school because something horrible happened and you weren’t there to support me. If I feel like I want to give you a hug for one hour straight, I want to do it right away. I don’t want to wait. My soul is hurting of all the longing.

— A page from my diary to my significant other (via cactuzkid)