i want someone to know me. not like “oh yea i know her” but actually genuinely 
knowing everything about me. i want someone to think of me and instantly know that i hate peas. i want someone to know the way i usually hold my pinky up when 
drinking (only) cold things. i want someone to randomly hug me even when it seems 
like im holding myself up, just because they know im not really okay. i want 
someone to know how i twirl my hair constantly and how i have to wait for my food 
to cool down before eating it. i want someone to know when im walking toward them 
just by the sound of my footsteps. i want someone to notice the way i push my 
glasses up and i want someone to automatically ask me “you gonna take a picture?” 
before i even reach for my phone when we see mixed colors in the sky or things i 
feel the need to take pictures of just because they know the types of things i 
photograph. i want someone to know that my favorite cereal is frosted flakes and 
when i go on car rides i always forget to put shoes on because i love to walk 
around barefoot so much, its become a bad habit. i want someone to know that my 
absolute favorite animal is elephants and i want someone to look at my handwriting and know instantly that its mine. i want someone to know and understand the way 
that i am because sometimes i have no idea why im this way myself. i want someone 
to want to know what goes on in my mind. i wanna be so close with someone that they know every goddamn fact there is to know about me.