sometimes i feel like i can be toxic to the people around me. i harbor so many ill,
 shitty feelings inside, and eventually i just pour them all onto everyone and
 everything surrounding me. of course i don’t mean to.. but sometimes i have no 
control over it. or.. over myself i guess i should say. i try to be - and stay - as
 positive as humanly possible, but fuck. i’m so tired. i’m tired of never having an 
outlet. i’m tired of being everyone else’s outlet and not being thought of in return.
 i don’t mean to be sad all the time but i genuinely can’t even help it. i could 
probably get better at attacking problems and situations as they present themselves
 so that i don’t always do these massive blow up things. but.. i haven’t reached 
that point of detachment just yet. i’m still working on me. still a work in
 progress. hopefully, i get better. at being a better person. soon. or someday,

—Reyna Biddy