Read me

a few steps ahead of me, I see you take 
his hands in yours. & as you study 
his palms, starry eyed & fearless 
grin, I look down at my own 
shoes. the laces are tangled
& in my stomach the snakes 
are tangled, & I think 
they might be venomous because
it hurts. like sharp teeth &  
my blood is turning green. 

your laughter circles my head. draws 
rings around the planet that is 
my heart & my blood runs
cold, even though I am not 
looking anymore. my mother says 
jealousy is ugly, but she didn’t 
teach me how to meet your gaze 
& pretend like the wolves 
that haunt these streets have not 
torn a hole in my chest, have not 
left me out to bleed. have not 
laughed with the moon as you chose 
him over me. 

- beast with human eyes // a.l.l.