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The Chase
I’m tired of chasing after people.

I’m tired of fighting for them,
and I’m tired of saving them.

I’m tired of putting my time
and effort in people
who don’t care–
people whose words
don’t match their actions.

I’m tired,
of giving too much,
of receiving too little.

And I know you can’t understand this
because you’re on the other side
of the situation.

I chase you.
I rescue you.
I care for you
and do things

for you

to make your life easier
but who’s there for me?

Who’s there to comfort me
when I feel as if
I don’t have enough in me?

When I don’t want to keep going?

See, the problem is,
I’ve given you more
than I should have
and that has made you bling. 

And I say this
because you think
I won’t leave. 

You think
I don’t have the guts 
to do so
but you’re wrong.

You’re wrong about everything.


I love myself
and the only regret I have is
that I didn’t realize this sooner.

Only I can save myself
and I don’t need a pair
of weak hands

to try and save me
as I fall.


R.M. Drake