Read me

Thigh gaps.

Jaw lines.


Hip bones.


Tiny waists.

Big tits.

Big ass.

Pouty lips.

It’s all bullshit,

We live in a society that will try and shape you, mold you, undress you of your self respect and self love.

It’s not worth the pain. The true beauty is you. You are the beauty in this world. Your worth is not measure by how small your waist is or how big your tits are. It is measure by who you are and who you choose to be. I can’t stress this enough, you are fucking beautiful and you deserve to love yourself.

Think of yourself and your body as a product of nature,

Let the birds chirp.

Let the flowers bloom.

Let the sun rise above the mountains.

Let the stars shine through the dark sky.

Let the butterflies dance.

Let the wind blow through you like it were nature herself running her fingers through your hair.

Let yourself be free.