How to submit:

We are so excited to hear that you are interested in submitting your work! It can be anything from poetry, photography to aspirations and articles on mental health and spirituality! Under you will find some guidelines to have in mind if you do decide to submit x

To make the submission process overall more efficient and simple we have created a short list of guidelines that you should use when submitting:

  • If you decide to submit a video, you need to upload it to vimeo or youtube and send us the link.

  • If you want to submit audio, upload to vimeo or youtube with an image or color screen behind it.

  • When submitting a written piece, have in mind that it should be ready to be published as it's sent in. Therefore, you should make sure that you've checked the grammar, spelling, capitalization, and readability before submitting.

  • By submitting your work, you give NUET the rights to publish the content on the website, as well as our social media. Note that you are responsible for the repercussion of your own piece.

  • We prefer it if you upload the files to wetransfer and include the link in your email when submitting photos/image scans. However, if you don't have a wetransfer account, you can attach them to the email.


  • If you find that our terms do not suit you, then you have 48 hours to contact us and we will delete the email and your work. Therefore prohibiting us from using it.

What to include in your mail:

  • Your name (preferably your whole name)

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and your interests

  • If your work has a title, be sure to include that as well.

Your submission should be sent to our email: