FAQ:Nuet wear

Where do we ship?

We ship worldwide as we want to make sustainability available for anyone, but keep in mind that a long shipment will add to your carbon footprint. We are not responsible for the package after it has been shipped from our office.

How do we ensure sustainability?

Our packaging is made of 100% recycled materials and it was produced in England. When our supply runs out, we will be switching to recycled paper boxes. All of the items that we sell are picked up in vintage stores, mostly in Norway, France and England, the rest is second-hand or directly from Nora’s grandparents’ closet. This way we do not support unsustainable production or unethical trading. One of our goals is to create more redesigned pieces. Furthermore, we would like to say that we are always growing, trying to improve and find new ways to become more eco-friendly.

Our return-policy

Because we are a small businesses, with only the two of us in charge of everything, we have a strict non-return policy. To add up for that, we have carefully measured all the clothes, documented the models’ heights, added photos, descriptions and a quality check. Keep in mind that all items are vintage/ second hand and that they might hide small imperfections. We will do our best to note them if there should be any. Our tip is to remember to have a detailed look at the measurements before buying! Also note that we are not responsible if your shipment gets lost in the mail.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping price vary. It is cheaper to ship within Norway and Europe, whilst shipping to the rest of the world will cost a bit more. We are trying to keep the prices on the clothes as affordable as possible, so that you won’t have to worry too much about the shipping prices. If you live in the Stavanger area, it is also possible to send us an email, and we can meet up to avoid shipping prices and co2 emissions!

How long does it take to ship?

Shipping will vary depending on where you live. We are based in Norway, so keep in mind that shipping to Sweden therefore will be ca. 7 business days, while shipping to the U.S might take several weeks. We will ship the item within the first week of your purchase, and you will receive an email where this is confirmed. If we are traveling etc, and not able to ship within the first week, it will be noted on the website and mentioned in an email if you purchase.

Other important information:

Nuet Wear claims no ownership over the brands which are for sale in the online store. We run a curated vintage shop with fashion items gathered from vintage, thrift shops or from any traveling we do - this means that we have no say in the production of the items.

Shipping losses are at the costumers own risk.

How to stay up to date?

Follow us on instagram and youtube! And pay attention to itsnuet.com of course ;)


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Our Office

We are based in Stavanger Norway, but offer worldwide shipping. Follow us on ig for updates about markets etc.