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NUET is a collaborative platform run by the Norway-based duo Nora Marie Vatland and Martine Aamodt Hess. Besides a shared passion for writing, they felt like there were certain topics like conscious living, human rights, sustainable swaps, self-expression and interviews with up and coming artists etc, that deserved more attention in the media.

As a result, this website was founded in September 2015. Now it has become a space formed by creatives from all over the world that are sharing their art, experiences, thoughts, dreams, inspiration and their voice to create positive change. Together we aim to build an empowering community by writing about everything from activism and spirituality, to mental health and art.

Now, over to the name; "Nuet" is a Norwegian word that translates to "the present moment". To us, this word has a double meaning. It reminds ut to be present in life, but at the same time be conscious to make the future for those who come after us the best it can be. We want to honor the moment, and the power of each present and passing moment. In 5 minutes you can book a one-way ticket. In 4 minutes you can lose interest in a conversation. In 3 minutes you can listen to someone's heart beat 300 times. In two minutes you can listen to a song. In one minute you can call someone and leave a voice mail. Right now you can change your life completely. 

If you want to collaborate, are craving to share, wish to use our photos or have any questions, go ahead and email:

General enquiries: contact.nuet@gmail.com

Shop enquiries: nuet.wear@gmail.com

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Meet the team


Nora Marie: Co-founder

Briefly tell something about yourself:

19 years old. Consider myself an amateur writer, and my love for the environment is deep rooted within me, and I will always try to become more sustainable in everything I do. I currently work at an elderly center for individuals with severe dementia, which has been a huge eye opener to how I see the world.

Zodiac sign?

Aquarius. A horrible lier, independent and not afraid to make mistakes.

Plans for the future:

I will be starting my BA in journalism this upcoming autumn, but I am also hoping to become a yoga instructor within the next two years. Since I was little I have always wanted become fluent in sign language, and that is a constant project that I am working towards. Joining the van life community and eventually create a tiny home is also a goal alongside getting back to the basics.


Briefly tell something about yourself:

18 years old. Writing to me is a way of processing and exploring, and it usually centers around sustainable living, art and mental wellbeing, as those are all topics that I hold close to heart. Other than that I love to get creative, practice yoga and shoot analog photography.

Zodiac sign?

Scorpio. Definitely stubborn, independent and passionate. 

Plans for the future:

My dream is to tell stories that have the power to leave a mark (whether that means being a correspondent in the middle east or exploring sustainability). In the fall I will be studying journalism in London and hopefully get the opportunity to explore the world, its fascinating cultures and incredible minds, through my job. I have a lot of dreams, but right now I’m focusing on living my life as consciously as possible.

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Nuet wear

Second hand + vintage

Nuet Wear is our very own line made up of carefully selected vintage and pre-loved clothing. By opening this online store, we want to contribute to putting fast fashion, child labor and unethical trading to an end, and also encourage self-expression through style. Wear the pieces with fierceness, boldness and softness. Feel free to read more about our vision here.

This is true style, this is true self-expression; it is unique, ethical & sustainable.

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2017. “Kalon Azure: Literary girls of the past, present and future.” Seafoaming.com


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2018. ICK: A zine of young creative’s artwork

2019. What freedom: Issue one