Interconnected: Art and hidden meanings

'Art is love made public.'

There are many different forms and layers of art. Everyone have a different definition and understanding of this term, but what we usually can agree on is that it is supposed to make you feel something, whether those emotions are nostalgia, wonder, anger or curiosity. Art awakens imagination, and your background and emotional baggage determines how you analyze it and your perspective on what truly counts as art. But have you ever wondered what the thoughts, inspirations, feelings and dreams behind the artworks are, and how these factors have formed the poetry, paintings, photography and sculptures that are awaking emotions in you? The artists' own experiences and points of views are an interesting topic to explore and that is one of the reasons why we have put together this article. To celebrate the great depths of art and the many forms it consists of, we have collaborated with different artists from around the world and created a gallery featuring 3 different art mediums and comments from the artists themselves on their work. 

Embroidery and words by Sienna Wood

Hello! My name is Sienna-Rose Wood and I am an Illustration BA(Hons) graduate of Falmouth University, currently living and creating in London. I am Inspired and motivated by all areas of creativity but I have a profound passion for embroidery and drawing. I love to produce detailed pieces of work, often combining different mediums to create unique pieces of art work. 

I have always been fascinated by textiles as it runs in the family and have been embroidering for a many number of years. However at university I discovered different ways in which I could combine my love for drawing, painting and mark making with my love for textiles and embroidery. I am completely drawn to the process and methodology of embroidery. It is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of patience, which often means the end result means so much more to you. 


My inspiration for individual pieces comes from a number of different places - artists that I admire, shapes, patterns and design I see in everyday life, or nature its self. However my work and imagery is almost always, in some way, inspired by the female form. I believe it is the most beautiful and interesting thing to reproduce and create. Despite most of my compositions being quite flat I am fascinated with dance like movement and try to reproduce this in my work in what ever way I can. 


I don't believe I would have gotten into embroidery as much as I have done if it was not for a serious knee injury I suffered from over a year ago. After a couple of surgeries and being bed bound for quite some time I used embroidery as a way to exercise my mind as I used the calming process as a way of practicing mindfulness and meditation. Despite having a very trying and difficult year I am in a way grateful that I was given the time and opportunity to focus on my art work that helped me get through it.

Film photography and words by Georgia Seizis


my self portrait. this photo was taken on my 17th birthday, the day after i received my film camera in the mail. 


☝☟This photo showcases an orange set up i placed inside and outside my house. i saw the colours of the bags/the shadow from my bed and immediately felt the need to shoot both in different ways. 


'blank face' is a series i created to explore the question behind identity. i gathered inspiration from rene magritte and his many works featuring the covered face. the blank face leaves the viewer to see what is left after the subject is taken away, and further proposes the question of 'what is identity' and 'who are you'. 

☜ this photo captures the way men can be both masculine and feminine. i wanted to create an image that shows how men can break gender norms and branch out from what is expected. effeminate in appearance or manner. 

Illustrations and words by Camila Gaspardo

My illustrations are usually quite simple, I like to work with clean lines and use "colourblocking" rather than highlights and shadows. I draw inspiration from a variety of places, graphic designers of the 1960s, photographers and filmmakers (I've actually designed a few minimal posters for some of my favourite movies), illustrated books and an ever-growing number of talented illustrators on Instagram! I also really enjoy investigating the lives of artists I admire, learning details like where they grew up, how they developed their style and so on. I feel as though it brings me closer to them somehow


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