Samera Paz: How to be confident

Samera Paz is an artist, photographer and student at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Through the movement Girl Power Meetups which she has created, she inspires, motivates and help women from different backgrounds, places and in different stages of life to feel empowered, beautiful, and unique. This is the first article in her advice column series, where she answer whatever questions or topics you need advice on, from feminism to anxiety. 

I often feel insecure and I don't feel like my voice is unique or good enough. Do you have any tips on how to be more confident?

Confidence can be something as small as giving people eye contact when you're having a conversation and something as big as listening to your inner voice even in moments when you think you can't. There are many ways to practice being confident and it's something you learn overtime. I think confidence is feeling secure about who you are and accepting yourself, accepting your strengths and being aware of your flaws.

Insecurity is something everyone struggles with. Even the most confident people have moments when they don't feel good enough. It's normal to feel insecure and sometimes we can't help but compare ourselves to others. You were meant to be yourself and not a version of someone else. What makes you unique and an individual are your own thoughts, experiences, beliefs and perspectives. When you express yourself, own it and be proud. When you speak, speak with certainty and say what you really mean. This sounds cheesy but there are so many people in this world but there's only one of you and that's pretty unique already. 

Ways you can practice being confident is owning who you are and being proud of that. When you speak, speak up, speak clearly and with certainty. Always say what you really mean. Look people in the eyes when you're having a conversation. Introduce yourself to people! It can be super nerve-wracking when you first meet someone but building confidence sometimes takes getting through those shy moments. Being confident and not letting your insecurities get the best of you is all about getting to know yourself and being comfortable with the amazing parts of you as well as your flaws. 

(photo by Samera Paz)

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