The blue galaxy

My love for writing, poetry in particular started in Elementary school. Every student was supposed to write a poem about summer. I had this wonderful and creative Norwegian teacher who noticed how much I loved it, and to my surprise the next Norwegian class she had brought a new notebook and told me: Now you can write all the poems your heart desires, and I’ll read and comment on them if you’d like. Then the poems told stories about each season, snowmans and of course my family. A few years later, when I was 14 a new journey started. I wrote about life, what I loved to do and of course everything I didn't understand. My mother has aways loved literature and written poetry, and my grandparents house is filled with small poems everywhere. The reason why I love poetry specifically is that it makes it easy to relate and understand other peoples feelings and experiences. Poetry also allows us to see the beauty in insignificant moments. We can be taught to live life in the best possible way, and to know yourself from a deeper perspective. 

It has taken me a long time to write this post, as I find it hard to share my work, to let people into my brain. Now as time has passed, I finally feel ready too share some of my poetry. In me sharing this I do not feel like I’ve mastered this art form, but hopefully this can help me improve.


" Like every season. 

We all change, 

we all grow apart.

Like summer kissed our skin,

winter froze our toes.

But the seasons changed, and so did I.

We thought it would last forever"



"Yes, I’m changing.

Yes, I'm going to develop.

I'm only human.

So I'm sorry if you thought you knew me, 

I am sorry if you only liked the old me.

Time passed since I last saw you and to be honest 

I don’t remember who you met.

Maybe I was the shy girl on the train,

or the confident girl who passed you by on the street.

Maybe I changed your life

or inspired you to become something better.

I wasn't happy then,

I didn't know how life worked.

I didn't care, I didn't have anything to care about.

Either way I can't remember the old me.

I have grown, and I feel better.

Time healed me, something I am thankful for. 

Please get to know the new me, 


yes, I am changing.

The blue galaxy

I bought a blue dress so I could disappear into the sky.

Disappear between the thunder and rain falling onto wet earthly soil.

I bought a blue dress to feel the lightness of the clouds

To smell the sweetness of sugarcanes 

Be surrounded by the vast open atmosphere

I bought a blue dress to slip into a new realm 

a new galaxy  

Just for me. 

Things I wish I never knew

"There are things I wish I never knew.

Like the feeling of a broken heart.

Or seeing your parents cry, not knowing what to do.

I wish I never knew that feeling lost was normal,

because lost feels like caring isn't worth it.

Feeling lost is a constant reminder of how life can in one minute be lovely,

and the next a total hell.

There are things I wish I never knew"

The golden wedding ring

People say life is uncontrollable. That nothing you do can fight the power of faith.

Whatever happens is not a reflection of you, nor a reflection of anything. 

My mothers’ life has assured me of this. 

Life is in fact uncontrollable.

Her life seemed to plan out just the way she always pictured it. 

To live in a white house surrounded by a fence, one handsome husband and two beautiful daughters.

She married, and after a miscarriage the children came. 

What once was a fairytale flourished into reality. 

Each season came and went and so the years went by.

Her fairytale lasted ten years. 

And the roses her husband previously bought her in an act of passion was now a request of forgiveness.

The rose tore her open with it’s now grown out thrones.

At midnight 

she was sitting in her bedroom. 

Mentally alone. 

Wearing the white lace slip he got her in Greece. 

Suddenly, the clock struck 3am and the moon was peaking through the curtains.

She graced her finger over her golden wedding ring and felt empty. 

She felt broken.


And lost.

How could it be that the ring that promised her a happy ending give her a tragedy? 

As night turned into morning and the sun flickered her in the face,

she opened her eyes and felt the warmth.

She was not alone. 

In one motion she moved her feet onto the cold floor and decided one thing. 

To pick up the withered pedals and buy herself a bucket. 

Nothing was gonna hold her back.

She had to teach her two beautiful daughters how to be their own light. 

To teach them that is is not the ring that promised her a happy ending, but the choices she had made throughout her life.

Thunder and hell

There was a woman sitting in the corner of a cafe, crying.

Her lover sitting on the other side. 

Tears were reflected in his eyes. 

Every second spent watching them, felt like an eternity of sorrow. I could the pain flowing through my veins as ever second went. 

Even though I do not know her story, or his story or any story for that matter. 

I still felt a hit of their unbearable emotions, just for a split second. 

It felt like hell.  

(Thumbnail photo by Martine A. Hess)

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