Favorite shops in Stavanger

Nora and I have both grown up in Stavanger, a city located on the west side of Norway. It's a fairly small city compared to places like New York and Paris but it does have its distinctiveness. It's only about finding the right places to visit. If you are looking for ways to shop more ethical in this part of Norway, here is a list of different must-go places.


Breeze is a beautiful, little interior shop in Stavanger that sells fluffy pillows, lovely christmas ornaments, candles and organic and handmade soaps. The shop has a big selection of brands like Meraki, house doctor and bloomingville. Meraki is a brand that sells scented candles and various types of soap and shower gels. The products are free from additives, colorants and parabens. Not to mention, cruelty free and mostly vegan! The interior items are of mostly scandinavian design but with a touch of vintage. Breeze is shop that is often underestimated because of its location but if you find yourself in Stavanger, I promise you it's worth the visit.

Sølvberget Blomster

This is such a sweet flowershop and definitely my favorite in Stavanger. The shop has been at 'Sølvberget' for more than twenty years now, and literally everything from floor to ceiling is covered with flowers and plants in all sorts of shapes and colors. I could spend all day just admiring at all the roses, baby's breath, lavender and poppies that is filling every corner of the shop. Sølvberget Blomster has a wide selection of high quality flowers, wreaths and cute little flower pots. It's a bit pricy but it's definitely worth the money if you are looking for the perfect bouquet of flowers. Besides, the staff is always kind and helpful, and the shop is worth a visit just for the atmosphere.

Permanent vintage

Permanent vintage is a charming vintage and second-hand shop that opened in Stavanger one year ago. It's a small store, but it has a great selection of clothes in many sizes and styles. All of the clothes, shoes and accessories are in good condition and quality. The woman that started it all received many of the dresses and skirts from her grandmother, but she has also picked some items up during her travels, to make it a shop for all tastes in style. Everything from 70's dresses and shoes to chucky sweaters and coats is to be found within these walls. Permanent Vintage is far more classy than the common thrift shop and you are almost guarantied to find something you like there.

Belle & the brave

Belle and the brave is a charming pop-up store with bohemian-style clothes, jewelry and ethical makeup.  The shop is run by a sweet woman named Guro and her dog Carlos. I personally think it's the best place to shop if you are looking for quality boho-clothes, as it is the only place in Norway that sells clothing from the brand 'Spell' and one of the fewer that features brands like Free People, Arnhem Clothing and Stela 9. You can visit belleandthebrave.no to purchase items online, although I prefer to visit the shop because of its uniqueness and beauty (and because of Carlos of course).