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I heard about Aurora a while back and I have loved her music ever since. Aurora Aksnes is a singer and songwriter from Bergen who is often compared to Lorde. About a month ago I was lucky enough to get tickets to one of her concerts and I have never been so in love with her music as I am now. Hearing her preform was so heartbreakingly beautiful, if there even is such a thing. It's something about the honesty and pureness in her lyrics and melodies. The way she talks to the audience during the concert showes just how humble and lovely she is on the inside as well.

I think attending her concert was the closest I have ever been to magic, and I will remember that night for the rest of my life. The atmosphere, the lighting and her touching words. I sang, I danced, I cried and I felt connected on a level you can only find through music. Instead of listing random facts about her I will let you read a little text she shared with her fans right before the new year and you can see for yourself how good she is with words:

Women of the world.🌬

Let us not let the world take the innocence and natural beauty away from us. Without garments we are not to be less respected, or sexualized objects that takes away our strength. Our skin is our armor. Our courage and muscle strength. My body has carried me far, through battles and dreamlands. On this picture I haven't been shaving anything on my body - (besides my head) for months. I have hair under my arms, because I like the way it looks. And of course - that is okay! And if you don't like the way it feels, that is okay too. It's really not any more complicated than that.🌿

Take pride in being natural. 
Take pride in being strong. In being curvy. In being skinny. Walk with your heads high and you'll see there is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. Let's remind ourselves everyday how strong these bodies are. How these amazing bodies are designed to carry life, not to look like jewelry. We have carried every man and woman into this world, and we will continue to do so in thousands of years. Let's build each other up. We are on the same team both men and women, equals. Both parts needed in the circle of life. 

Stick together. We can do this. 

I am so proud of everyone bringing light to the world. Respecting the people around them. Keep going. Much love, big hug. HAPPY New Years ⭐️

"Nature child"