Style inspiration: Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas is a 24 year old Parisian it-girl, blogger and actor, who is often compared to Alexa Chung. Jeanne have spent 3 years studying at the Blache Salant theatre school and she has collaborated with brands like Leon & Harper. Her style reminds me of Brigette Bardot and Camille Rowe because of her "cool-elegance" and the way she mixes vintage jeans and loose blouses. Like Jeanne says herself: her style is a combination of vintage, cool and chic, it is always simple, feminine, and with a touch of sixties or seventies style. It seems to me that she can make any simple outfit look sophisticated and effortless at the same time. Jeanne has previously said in an interview that she got most of her style inspiration from her mother. Her parents owned a restaurant in Paris, and her mother would always wear elegant floral dresses with vintage designes. Jeanne recently made her own clothing line named Rouje, with t-shirts, well-fitted jeans, and light summer dresses. 

Her apartment

Jeanne Damas lives in a french apartment with a lovely city view. Her fashion sense is wonderful and her apartment is not any less beautiful. She mixes vintage furniture and modern photography in an incredibly elegant way, and I'm not going to hide the fact that it is definitely the way I want my future apartment to look like. It is filled with light and vibrant colors, and she makes her home look more personal by bringing home different pieces from all of her travels. Candles, books and plants are filling the shelves and I would move in, in a second if I got the opportunity.