Different types of meditation

I started with yoga and meditation, specifically mindfulness meditation for about two years ago. Since then I have noticed a huge difference in my stress levels and how I deal with things in my daily life. Being able to juggle between school, homework, being social, working out and having time for yourself may seem impossible. Yoga and meditation has impacted my life to such an extent that it would not be fair if I kept it for myself. 

We have already posted an article where you can get a 101 beginner yoga routine and tips. In this article I am going to introduce some of my favorite meditation variations. Keep in mind if you are new to meditation that it takes a lot of practice. 

Mindfulness meditation 

First of all, the term "mindfulness meditation" comes from the Revada tradition in buddhist countries in South-Aisa, where it's called Vipassana meditation or "insight meditation" in english. The concept is to sit cross legged with your back straight. Closed eyes and focusing on the natural breathing of your body. When a thought caches your attention, try not to focus on it, just letting it drift by. See if you can just observe and not jugde them.

Concentration meditation

Concentration meditation is said to have been used all the way back to the stone age. People would just sit, and focus on a certain object. Often a flame. This kind of meditation will really allow your mind to have its attention on something. If you were to ask me that really helps for beginners.

Mantra meditation

This is my least favorite kind of meditation. It's all about repeating a short phrase over and over again throughout the whole session. Here is an example of a  healing mantra phrase: 

Om Apadamapa

Hartaram Dataram Sarva Sampadam

Loka Bhi Ramam Sri Ramam

Bhuyo Bhuyo Namamyaham

'Om, Oh most compassionate Rama please send your healing energy right here to the earth, to the earth (twice for emphasis.)'

Overall meditation is a great tool to manage and build up a stress reduced life. It triggers a relaxing cycle in our bodies. When you focus on the breath your are releasing tension from your whole body. Not only that but it feels amazing once you get in a habit of it!

- Nora Marie