Film stills for rainy days

Film stills always makes me feel nostalgic for some reason. They’re collections of photos taken out of context, often with their edges blurred and a smooth surface, acting like a promise of the moment it was taken. Mundane moments and objects, like an alarm clock, suddenly provokes a magical and nostalgic feeling. Each photo snapped in a second, it’s almost impossible to pause at that exact same moment again - a digitalized version of fresh polaroids.

As a fall ritual I like to watch some of the same movies every year, like Good Will Hunting, Pride and prejudice, Pretty woman, Dead poets society and 500 days of Summer. Because fall truly has taken form, with its drizzle, pumpkin patches and foggy mornings, I wanted to make a small gallery consisting of film stills from some of my favorite fall movies. As well as one movie that is not typically something I watch, but in which you can find some beautiful visuals. I definitely have a favorite type of movie genre. Some movies are just so obviously beautiful that you wish you could pause every minute, but I tried to challenge myself by finding visuals that give the same magical feeling, in a comedy.

Get comfy and enjoy x

500 days of summer

Easy A

Skjermbilde 2017-12-10 kl. 20.15.23.png

Pretty woman

Skjermbilde 2018-01-01 kl. 18.18.01.png

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