Fall to-do list

It's Friday the 13th and October has arrived once again, so let's make the most out of these last crisp fall days. Here is a list of music to listen to during pumpkin patch visits, food to cook early on Sunday mornings that will leave your house smelling like cinnamon, and movies to watch during the dreamy, dark and cold nights.

Listen to:

Fall is here 🍁 & Fall mixtape 🍂




Carve a pumpkin: Play with shapes and patters. Use the leftovers to make pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Write a poem inspired by fall: Sit outside with a blanket or by a window and breathe the season in. Now try to write.

Go apple picking: Many local farms are open for apple picking. Why not visit a beautiful orchard and pick your own fresh and juicy apples?

Rise early and get outdoors: Wake up early and go for a walk in the chilly fall weather. Go for a short walk while it's raining, and take a hot shower when you get inside. Nothing feels better.

Buy yourself or a loved-one sunflowers: Sunflowers are finally in season! Treat yourself to a bouquet of joy and lighten up your space, or surprise a friend.

Bike rides at night: Go for a bike ride at night, when everything is quiet. Misty marshlands, fall wind in your hair; you'll feel like a fairy.

Burn scented candles: Curl up and read your favorite book, surrounded yourself with scented candles.. Try to relax for a while..

Plan a movie-nigth with friends: Plan a get-together with some friends and watch your favorite movies. 


To watch:

Good Will Hunting


Pride and prejudice

Dead poets society

500 days of summer


You've got mail




Bake banana bread: it tastes amazing and there are many vegan recipes to be found online. Add your favorite spices; from cardamom to vanilla. Best enjoyed on the kitchen floor late at night with a cup of hot chocolate in hand..

Eat warm cinnamon-spiced apples: Cut the apples in halves and  remove the apple core. Top with walnuts, agave and cinnamon, and bake in the oven until the apples are warm and golden.

Roasted pumpkin seeds: Toss the pumpkin seeds in a bowl  with vegan butter and spices of your choice. Place them on a baking sheet and bake until they they turn light brown.

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