Inspiration from the 90s

NUET is growing every day and as you may know, we are always looking for new, different, inspirational and interesting people online. A few months ago we came across an Instagram account called 90.daily which is bringing the 90s back with every post. This Instagram is run by Sheridan, who is sharing her passion for the 90s with every one of her 90.1K followers. In order to feel more connected to the people we admire, get inspiration from and our own followers, we love to ask questions. Here is a little talk about the 90s with the girl behind 90s.daily.



Can you describe what you think is the essence of the 90s era? 

When I think of the 90s, I overall think that there was a huge change in music from the 80s. A new genre was introduced to the decade, and hip hop and rap became popular in the mid to late 90s. I also think the fashion evolved; it was high waisted jeans, bright coloured scrunchies with a high ponytail, women's swimwear being very low cut, baggy mum jeans, flared pants and overalls. Women's makeup was also very unique in the 90s, it consisting of very bright warm shades always paired with a brown lip colour. 

 What is your favourite thing about this era?

 My favourite thing about the 90s, besides the music and fashion, would be the films. 90s films could get away with corny and cliché endings because they were not over-used at that time. I love sharing the films on my Instagram account for people to be able to experience some of the greatest classics that where created back in the 90s, and which some of them people haven't heard of due to growing up in this generation and only experienced watching modern movies. Because the 90s didn't have the high tech of technology and special effects, to me the 90s films where a lot more raw and realistic, which is the kind of movies I love watching.  

Is there something you would change about the current era?

I think the kids in the 90s had the freedom of being able to do so much and have fun being kids, whereas I think a lot of this generation kids are addicted to various types of technology, such a PlayStation, Xbox, social media and television. I feel that kids nowadays aren't going out in the sunlight, playing with their friends and having a social life. I think kids today are more self-conscious about their appearance because of this, and because they are comparing them selves to other people from social media.

Favourite 90s Icon?

River Phoenix is my favourite actor of the 80s/90s. He was one of the first actors I looked up to and his tragic passing left a huge effect on me as a child. He was a role model to so many because he wasn't just an actor, he was an activist and had so much devotion towards humans, the environment and animal rights. It's a trend nowadays to be vegan, but back in the 80s 90s, it was not common. He put the majority of his money away towards helping the environment and animals. Every movie he starred in, he stole the show. He was very articulate in his performances, and you can tell that he really understood what he was doing, even at such a young age. All his movies were great but if I had to choose his top three, I would choose: Stand By Me, Running On Empty, and My Own Private Idaho. A few other favourite 90s icons actors are Kate Moss, Winona Ryder, John Travolta, Alicia Silverstone, Johnny Depp and Quentin Tarantino.

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Any trends you think deserves a comeback?

Honestly, majority of the fashion trends that I thought as a kid was cool have already come back, like high wasted jeans, chokers, overalls and stylish windbreaker jackets. But I can think of a few fashion trend that shouldn't come back... shoulder pads!

Do you think there is better or worse quality of the films produced in 90s vs today?

Because the technology has evolved tremendously, I do think the films these days have improved with how the filmography and visuals are displayed in a film, but I could never say that modern movies are better, because the 80s and 90s to me personally had some of the best movies of all time. I don't think there is a worse quality in which films are made in today vs the 90s because they both to me have there equal pros and cons.  

Which movie is your favourite from the era? 

My all-time movie from the 90s would have to be "Girl, Interrupted" starring Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie and Brittany Murphy. "Girl, Interrupted" is about an 18 year old girl named Susana who is admitted to a mental institution for 18 months due to an attempt of suicide and was diagnosed with borderline personality. Over the next approximately eighteen months, she receives treatment consisting of drugs, therapy and analysis. During her period of confinement, she meets several other young women, who are also receiving various forms of treatment for mental illnesses, including Lisa (Angelina Jolie) a sociopath. The two of them form a bond and Lisa encourages Susanna to stop taking her meds and resist therapy, and later stages a disastrous escape with Susanna. This movie is about real life problems that were and are still going on. I  would highly recommend this film to any who have not watched it yet.

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What inspired you to make your account? 

I started my account back at the end of 2014 as a fan account of the 80s as I loved everything about the 80s/90s and at the time there wasn't many accounts dedicated to this era. I loved the fashion, music and films and I wanted to blog about it and share it with people. Receiving comments and emails every day with such good feedback and sweet comments is why I kept my account going till this day. It was really humbling to see that not only the younger generation was appreciative of this decade but that also the people who grew up in the 80s/90s where leaving me such lovely messages saying it was so refreshing to see a blog dedicated to that era. Seeing how it affected them made me want to carry on with my account up until this day.

With all this information about the 90s, do you have a favorite era? Let us know in the comments or DM us on Instagram!