Eco friendly holiday guide

December and the holidays are finally upon us. The Christmas month usually brings along busy times, present shopping, family gatherings and a ton of school work. We therefore thought we would share a few easy and simple ways to stay eco friendly during these hectic days. 


Homemade presents: By creating presents out of sustainable materials you can give people something both ethical and made with love. Make your own 3 Ingredient Makeup RemoverDIY Scrub From Old Coffee Grounds or a chai tea blend.

Shop local: By supporting local artists you are not only giving your friends or family something unique, you are also supporting your local artists to pursue their dreams and passions. Shopping local usually means that the used materials also are from your local area which is always a pluss when considering sustainable presents.

Charity: This is a classic! Make a donation in your friends name. There are countless of foundations and programs to choose form. Find a cause that you think your friend/ family member will care particularly about; if they are passionate about the protection of rainforests you can support a rainforest rescue organization and so on!

Giftcard - Look for ethical brands such as Brighton Lace, Thinx and Stalf. By giving such gift vouchers you are contributing to the slow fashion industry and giving your friend some items to chose from.


Newspaper/ fabric: If you have a newspaper laying around you can wrap your gifts in it, giving them a -rustic- look. You can also wrap in organic cloths/ fabric/ knot-wraps etc; it is reusable and looks hella cute. There are tons of wrapping styles and ideas, and you can check out stores such as lush if you want something colorful.

Canvas bags: Another idea is to simply put the gift in a canvas bag (or wrap it) so the bag is a part of the gift. Both encouraging less plastic usage and avoiding wrapping-waste ;)


Decorate with nature: Keep it simple and decorate with flowers, pinecones, natural and organic materials like hemp and tree branches. Less is more!

Secondhand decorations: If you for instance want ornaments or other decorations that are not natural, try to find some secondhand. Ask your family and friends if they have some leftover decorations that you can use or buy from thrift shops! 


Clothing swap: Host a clothing swap! We recently wrote an article about how you arrange such events that you can check out here if you are interested. It is a fun and sustainable activity, which you for instance can do with a group of friends instead of buying presents for each other!

Family/friend baking night: Invite people over for a christmassy night where you bake some vegan treats like ginger bread or caramel slices! 

Dinner ideas:

Plant-based: There are so many amazing plant-based christmas recipes out there just waiting for you to make them! Why not give the environment a hand and have some delicious dinners at the same time? From vegan portobello pot roast  to cranberry and pine nut stuffing.

Organic & local: Whether or not you are planning on eating plant-based this season, choosing organic and local groceries is always a big pluss. It's not only tasty and good for your local community, but it is also good for the planet!

Happy holidays everyone!