How to: Prevent a cold - the vegan & healthy way

A lot of us have a lot to do during the first few weeks of the new year. Therefore, staying healthy has to be a priority in order for us not to destroy our bodies. Hopefully, you haven't gotten sick yet, and that these tips help you to stay healthy and prevent a future cold. Remeber, these tips are also very important and great if you already have gotten a cold, and trying to get rid of it. 

I am in no way a professional, I am only sharing what I know, and what I have done throughout my time on this Earth. All of these tips usually works for me and has kept me illness free for a very long time.

Vitamin C

I know. This isn't new to anybody, however, it is still overlooked by a lot of us (myself included). Vitamin C is not only great for the body but also so simple to sneak into your diet. Have a glass of orange juice in the morning, or lemon/ginger water to wake yourself up. Make a homemade tomato soup for dinner, and have strawberries and kiwi for dessert! 

There are a lot of reasons to why this vitamin is such a superfood. It has antioxidant properties (clears up skin), maintaining the integrity of the cells in our vessels and helps us recover after physical activity.

It also boosts your immune system, making it the perfect vitamin to keep you healthy druing these dreaded winter days.

Keeping a relatively healthy diet

All throughout the year, maintaining healthy eating habits, is so important. Healthy eating promotes to maintaining your body’s ability to fight diseases, work out, and making it work in the way we need it to. 

It is, in my opinion, important to remember that each one of us has our own picture of what “healthy eating” looks like. For me, a healthy diet means plant-based goodness, kombucha, tea and everything that grows from the earth. I also try to implement superfoods, but this isn't always possible as I buy a lot of my own food, and I simply don’t have money for that all the time. Another reason is that I am on the lookout for bulk/paper options for the superfoods (let me know if you have any ideas).

Layer up

While growing up in Norway, you learn from an early age the importance of layering. If you are going for a walk, skiing, snowboarding, into the city or even staying indoors, you need to layer. 

This is what a normal outfit has been for me lately: Thick (and I mean thick) socks, jeans, tank top, thin sweater and a thrifted wool sweater, a thick long coat, gloves, boots and lastly a big chuckey scarf.

Relax (to restore and replenish your body)

 My magnificent mother has taught me a lot of lessons. One of them, the importance of taking care of your body. This is especially vital to prevent getting sick during the winter season. When you are stressed and not eating healthy plant foods your immune system isn't working as efficiently, therefore you can easier get ill. 

I challenge you to spend at least 20 min every day to relax. Take deep breaths, drink some tea, diffuse essential oils, burn your sage, make a homemade avocado facemask. Sit somewhere safe and comfortable, read a book or watch your favorite show. 

Write in your journal or on your computer. Write about your day, the dream you had, what your plans are for tomorrow. Simply dump everything onto the paper, declutter your mind. 

Finish up with some meditation. 

Taking time out of your day to let your body relax, helps almost everything. This includes things such as protecting the heart, relieve mood swings, gives your immune system time to replenish itself. 


Tea has both health and spiritual benefits. Whether you drink camomille, mint, rooibos or honey tea, they all have their own individual benefits. For the cold weather, lemon, ginger, rose and honey has been my go-to. (I use fairtrade, organic and plastic free honey. Let me know if you want me to do a separate post about the reasons I haven't removed honey from my diet.)

In February I have been trying to eliminate all of my single-use plastic, and therefore bulk tea has been a go to.  

Photo by Martine

Photo by Martine