December favorites

Empty hearts & sleepless nights

The dutch author Yasmine Berkani recently released her first poetry book named Empty hearts & sleepless nights. Last month we were lucky enough to be contacted by her and received a copy of it! We can honestly say that she has exceeded our expectations. She is only seventeen, but depending on her writings it seems as she is an old soul. She writes about love, loss, insecurities and eating disorders, in a very delicate yet raw way.

If this is something you are interested in getting your hands on, click on the button below!

Here is an excerpt from the book:

With every hurtful word
that spills from your mouth
I try to catch them with my bare hands
And make them into something
Less filled with poison
But with every twist and turn
It still didn't work
The edges were razor sharp, just like your words


When I pray
I pray for forgiveness
For the bad things I have done
And would do in the furure

When I pray
I pray for saving
But I don't think I can be saved

And when I pray
I want to find peace
Like my mother when she prays
For her it feels like her redemption

(NB! Do note that this is not an ad, simply a recommendation of some great poetry.)


There's a kind of stillness in Portugal

It is hard to describe this video without using the word tranquillity. If you are feeling stressed, melancholic or just waiting for your train to arrive, and have some time to kill - watch this video. Whatever mood you are in, you should spend a few minutes and immerse yourself in this source of pure serenity. You won't regret it, pinky promise.


Bands on film

@Bandsonfilm is documenting London's music scene both backstage and during peformances, as well as discovering artists and bands in a whole new way. Each photo is either captured on 35mm film or with a polaroid cam, giving every photo a touch of nostalgia. 



Photography by Gosha Pavlenko

Nastya Rice for, photographed by Gosha Pavlenko.