Sustainable v-day gift ideas

As Valentine’s day is soon approaching, we thought it would be appropriate to make a v-day gift guide for those who are giving gifts to for instance a spouse, best friend or a stranger. You may already know, but if this is your first NUET article, our main focus is to raise awareness about simple ways to be sustainable in our daily lives. These gifts can be used by an activist, alongside someone who is just starting our their “eco-friendly” journey!  Before the gift guide starts, we would like to give you our best advice: Try putting yourself in their shoes. What would you like to receive? If you are giving yo your best friend, or spouse you are likely to have the same interest or desires when it comes to gifts. So, when you are planing, make sure it is something you yourself would be ecstatic to receive. 

(Oh, and before you start reading the next, be prepare for a lot of cliches:))


Here is our favourite coco chip cookie recipe: Thank us later!

Chewy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie


How would you react when receiving a letter written by someone you care for? We have been writing each other letters for years now, and it is alway the same joy when handing them over to each other. Also, there are various things you could include, or exclude in the letter. You do not have to write about how much you care for the person, or what makes them unique, maybe write about experiences you would like to have with them in the future, or why you appreciate their friendship. 



This is most likely the present which will take the longest to make, as it is a whole process that needs to be done. Finding the photos you would like to use, printing them or digitalising them, for then to make it into the album or video. Despite the time it may take, we are sure that this present is likely to never be lost or forgotten.  



Hopefully we are not making generalisations on this one, but we do think that everyone would appreciate a eco-friendly kit. You can put whatever you wish into the basket, and personalise it for the person who is going to receive it. Here are some of our suggestions: Bamboo toothbrush, Handmade scrubs, reusable cups/ bottles, soy candles, plants, a snack and the letter or album you made!


Have a lovely Valentines day, let us know if they liked your gift (pisssstttt, of course they will)