A letter to 2017

Dear 2017,

you were an peculiar friend to us all, no matter if what you provided was loving memories or unbearable pain. All you really gave us was time, but that it something we can't go on without. With time we grow, with time we heal and with time we learn. Surely you were filled with ups and downs, but at the end we've accomplished a lot. To be honest, we are grateful for everything you had to offer.

You taught us to give ourselves time to heal, to drink enough water and to appreciate the small moments during the day that are typically hardly acknowledged. You taught us that being vulnerable is okay. You taught us to cry if needed - but also to try to follow that up with uncontrollable happy tears. There is a certain strength in that; to let yourself be open enough to let such strong emotions in. 


As of now, 2018 is only a vague illusion, a daydream and mental image, which is yet to be experienced. This is the year we turn 18, which in our society equals entering adulthood. The upcoming months hold such valuable time and have so many experiences in store. These we are very eager to explore.


2018, please be kind to us all, and let us all be a part of making 2018 the most magnificent year yet. 

Goodbye 2017, you've been good.


Nora Marie & Martine