30 more days of self love

It is not selfish to love yourself!

 Everyone, including myself have days where life feels like a heavy burden but there are a few things you can do to make life easier. Because learning to love yourself can be such a long process we decided to share another self love challenge and this one is devided into 4 parts:

Become aware:

1. Set small goals for the week. I want you to sit down for 5 minutes and make a list. Don't set too big goals, like "find out who I am" but make a list off small and achievable goals. Making a list of things you most likely will not find time to do is just unnecessary and can be a source to even more stress.

2. Go to sleep at a decent hour. It is just one day, you can do it! Treat your body kindly and your body will treat you kindly. How does is feel in the morning? Did going to sleep earlier make a difference?

3. Why do you want to do? I have recently realized that I spend too much of my time doing things I don't like. I focus too much on school and work and I forget to spend time doing the things I enjoy and it affects my mood badly. Balancing a social life, good grades and enough sleep is hard but becoming aware of how you spend your day can be a good thing to do if you want to make sure you're taking care of yourself!

4. Listen to all the thing you tell yourself throughout the day. Would you talk to your friend in the same way? After becoming aware, we can try to kill the negative thoughts. Learning to put your negative self talk to an end may be a long process but we start with baby steps!  

5. Make a list of specific things you love about yourself. It may not be a long list but it is a part of the process! You can for example write something like: "I love that I can love others", "I love that I say what's on my mind", or "I love that when I dance I feel free."

6. Avoid the spiral of negativity. It is not good for you and we need it to end. Of course everyone have a few bad days but we want to minimize the negativity! Most negative thoughts are not concourse so it is important to become aware.

7. Become aware of all the times you judge yourself or talk to yourself in a bad way throughout the day, is this how you want your life to be? Write down the things you say to yourself thought the day, make a list of both the positive and the negative things you say. Which is the longest?

8. Get to know yourself, listen to yourself and maybe try to write down your thoughts. Wether it's something you fear or it's something you don't understand, just lay it all out there, throw away the pages afterwards if you don't feel like keeping them. But listen to yourself.

9. What made you happy today? Write it down.


15. Acknowledge your feelings for what they are. Take it step by step. What is the first thing you feel when you wake up? Tired, happy, sad or bitter? We often just accept our feeling and think we have to continue feeling that way because that is how life is. But do you really have to feel the way you do?

10. get to their core.

11. Avoid your inner perfectionist. You will never be truly happy or satisfied. Acknowledge that your 'imperfections' is a part of you and makes you even more special. 

12. Dont force positivity on yourself. Acknowledge that this is a long process. Happiness will come eventually but not in a day. 

13. Acknowledge the fact that you are always changing. It is not necessarily a bad thing. Try to not hold on to the past. Reflect on wether the past is holding you back, somehow?

14. Acknowledge that sometimes people grow apart. That does not mean that what you had was not special or real, it just means that you are both growing.


15. Do what you do for yourself today. Buy fancy underwear or the book you have wanted for a long time if that makes you feel good. Today I just want you to do something nice for yourself. You don't need to buy anything but if you for instance don't like to shave your legs, then don't. How does it make you feel?

16. Compliment yourself: If you got out of bed today, then good for you!! Amazing work sweetie! If you ate your breakfast today - great job, you can take care of yourself! If you made someone smile today, that means that you are a source of happiness. Don't take yourself for granted :)

17. Act with kindness, it even helps your own self esteem!

18. Do something creative that you enjoy or something creative you haven't tried before. Like painting, sew or take photos.

19. Focus on surround yourself with positive people and re-evaluate your friendships. 

20. Get to your own core. Spend some time making yourself how you want to be viewed by others and why.

21. Write down who inspires you and why they inspire you?

Love yourself:

22. Write a thank you note to yourself.

23. Write down 3 goals for today that benefits you.

24. Write a poem to yourself about love.

25. Thing of 3 things you are going to tell yourself when can feel negative self talk coming.

26. Put off some time to do something you like for a while. Do not postpone it. Be in nature, call a loved one or cuddle with your pet.

27. Make something. Prepare food, write a poem, fold origami or knit. Even if you are not good at it.

28. Take a shower, hot or cold, it is up to you and put on some clean comfortable clothes. It is a underrated source to happiness.

29. Make a plan of how you are going to break habits you want to break.

30. Clean something while you blast your favorite music. Listen to something upbeat to boost your energy and organize your drawer/closet/desk...