7 bittersweet must reads

Just kids

"Just Kids" is Patti Smith’s first book of prose, in which she describes her relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, as well as her life in the center of rock & art movements in the late sixties and seventies. The story is moving, unique and compelling.

The piano teacher

"The piano teacher" is a historical novel about two love affairs that took place in hong kong prior to & during the japanese occupation in 1942 & 10 years later under colonial rule. It is both insightful, melancholic and deeply atmospheric. The topics which are explored in the novel are truly interesting which makes it perfect for a book club or to learn more about the history of Hong Kong.

Milk & Honey

This poetry book is a modern classic. It is deep, artistic and provokes so many emotions. The author, Rupi Kaur, puts so many experiences into words in the most beautiful way. She also manages to bring a feministic approach to poetry, which is magical. If you haven’t read it yet, you definitely should, and if you have - read it again! "Milk and honey" will open both your heart and mind. 


I hardly ever read biographies, but Drew Barrymore's "Wildflower" touched me. It is sweet and simple, and features stories from her life, both challenges and adventures; from flashing David Letterman in 95 to moving into her first apartment as a teenager. But most importantly; what has lead to her happiness.

7,300 days

Isabella Mente writes beautifully, and what makes this book even more spectacular is that I think everyone can relate to something in it. Her poetry is raw and honest, but also fascinating and authentic. It is relaxing to read and a book I would recommend to everyone. 

Veronika decides to die

As the title suggests, this novel is about a girl named Veronika. She is 24 years old when she decides to end her life by taking pills, after feeling that something is missing in her life. Veronika thereafter wakes up in a mental hospital where she is told that she has only a few days to live. This results in a story that questions the meaning of madness and celebrates being different. Overall the novel is poetic and explore emotions and subjects such as liberation, mental illness, despair and passion.

Romeo & Juliet

The famous and tragic tale of two young, star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families. It is worth reading, but easier to follow if you watch the movie first and get to know some of the characters. Romeo & Juliet is pure magic.


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