10 days of writing

Are you ready for this 10 day creative writing challenge? Everyday you have a new topic to write about, and every time you write will result in an improvement in your creative writing skills. You can decide when you want to write them, as long as you don't let any details get lost. Let the ten days begin!


1. Write about how you are feeling. Don't let any detail get left out.

2. Write a poem about a person in you class or workspace. It could be about how inspiring they are or how much you dislike them.

3. Write about your favorite song. Why is it your favorite, how did you find it and what does it make you feel?

4. How was your day? Write about everything you did from the moment you woke up, to when your tucked in for the night.

5. Where do you see yourself in five or ten years? Where will you be living, with whom and what will you be doing? 

6. Write about your favorite piece of art. Whether it is a poem, a sculpture or a painting. 

7. Write about your relationship with someone in your family. What is good about the relationship, what is negative about it and how can you make it better? 

8. Describe your dream place to visit? When will you be traveling there, with whom and what will you be doing there and why? 

9. Write about a stranger you see on the street. Make up their story as if you know them.

10. Write about how the sun, the moon and the stars makes you feel. 

- Nora Marie