Something sweet

Almond oil

The sweet, nutty smell of the almond oil brings me back to days spent in the sun in the turkish mountains. I went to yoga classes every morning, outside under a big olive tree, and it was at that little yoga-studio I bought my first bottle of almond oil. It is great to use for both hair and skin as it is a very gentle oil and it is one of my essentials.


I have been collecting crystals for as long as I can remember, but I got into their spiritual side a couple of years ago. Every crystal has a different frequency and can therefore be used for different types of healing. Their vibration will align with a vibration in you. For instance, if your heart chakra is out of place, you can use a rose quartz or an emerald to heal that particular chakra. Either you are tired, stressed or in need of creativity, let yourself be drawn to a crystal and you'll find out what you need and start the healing-process. The first crystal I ever bought was a polished, heart shaped rose quartz. I was drawn to its feminine energy and it has been lying in my window for several years and in my backpack for the past year to provide peace, comfort and healing. Agate, carnelian, amethyst and moonstone are some of my other favorites.

Beams of sunshine

Tiny glimpses and dots of golden light, dancing on every tile and wall making everything glow. Trickling like water. A hint of melancholy. Dreamy. Glittery. It's a sign of summer. Beams of sunshine is one of the most beautiful things I know. So sweet, so humble and they alway brings me joy.


Candles provides coziness and serenity. They are like a hint warmer and perhaps more charming type of sun-beams, created by humans for when we miss the sun. When you light a candle in the dark before meditation or smell the scent of a cinnamon-scented candle in the fall, there is something so pure about it. The flowy light and the sweet scent just makes candles so wonderful.


Poloraids and bundles of photos in general are so lovely. Tape them onto your wall, put them in a memory box, an album, your journal or put them on your fridge. I love flipping through a bundle of photos, it's like holding memories in your hands. Polaroids and developed film is my favourite because they capture a moment in a way that taking digital photos just doesn't. 

Dried flowers

My mother thought me how to dry flowers and press them in-between pages in my favorite books. We would hang some of them upside down in bouquets from a little birdcage that was hanging from my ceiling, and to make them look glossy, we would add some hairspray. I currently have a bouquet of dead roses in an old soda bottle made of glass in my bathroom, and another bouquet of dried Eriophorum that I picked while hiking in the mountains last summer. I also have some pressed wildflowers hidden in my many journals, a dried rose from 7th grade in one of my nightstand-drawers, and some pressed flowers from Manchester in an envelope. Everything about dried flowers is so romantic.


Sage is used to cleanse, purify and balance either an environment, yourself or others. I usually use it before I meditate, before a moon-ceremony or when I feel like I need a cleanse or a big change has occurred. You can burn the sage and clear your space surrounding you, or solder the sage and rub your hands in the smoke, and thereafter wash your body with it. I personally find it nice to mark the beginning and end of something with sage, to say hallo to what is coming and say goodbye to what is now in the past, both good and bad. 

-Martine xx