August favorites


Nuet Wear: 

This summer me and Nora have been working non stop on a new vintage online store named Nuet Wear that will be a part of this website. It is a mix of delicate vintage pieces, floral patterns and earthy color tones! You can read more about the brand here. And make sure to follow @nuetwear on ig to stay posted!

Grease Lightning - Lush:

Grease lightning is a spot cleanser for the skin, made with tea tree, rosemary and and thyme. The aloe and seaweed base makes it calming and nourishing for the skin and the result is such a wonderful and effective cleansing gel. It is of course both vegan and cruelty free!

Vanillary - Lush:

Vanillary solid perfume is also one of my current favorites from Lush, as it has a gentle scent of vanilla and sandalwood - two of my favorite scents! It is perfect for carrying with you throughout the day and another pluss is that although the smell is rich, it is not intense.


Behind the scenes - Nuet Wear:

A little video from behind the scenes of the two first shoots for Nuet wear (previousley referred to as Kalon Azure Vintage)! 

Glossier's get ready with me: feat. Delilah

I watch this purely for the aesthetic and the atmosphere in the video. I personally don't believe in supporting animal tested products of any kind. The video is very sweet though, and if you are looking for cruelty free products that works wonders, you can check out these articles we have written herehere and here :)


Lana Del Rey:

Melancholia - Softness - Heartbreak

Jane Birkin:

60's icon - Romantic - Paris

Ziggy Alberts:

Coastal folk - Heartfelt - Wanderlust