6 days in Prauge

As this was my first time in Prauge, I tried to have no expectations and take each day as it came. But, I spent a few hours beforehand looking at pictures of the city and slowly falling a bit in love. As the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic with architecture resembling a 18-hundreds movie I guess the question is how can you not fall for the place. 

Art exhibitions

Over the course of my days spent in Prauge I went to a total of three museums and exhibitions. Every exhibition was special and interesting in their own way. The fist one was "Bob Dylan on the road" All the 50 graphic artworks were created by Dylan during his trips.


It is a small museum dedicated to the life and works of the Czech Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha who lived in during the late 18 hundreds to -1939. He is famous for the posters he designed for the theatre productions of the great fin-de-siècle actress, Sarah Bernhardt. The exhibitions at the Mucha Museum includes paintings, posters, sketches, statues and photographs by the artist.

 Andy Warhol

This exhibition presents the American pop-art icon Andy Warhol and his unique collection of work. They also have a replica of one of artist’s famous factories.
The exhibition is called I"'m OK", and is held at the Gallery Of Art Prague (where the Mucha exhibition was also held). They presents the wide spectrum of creations of this unique artist. As well with his work like Mao, Flowers, Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup, that belong to the Series called Sunday B. Morning.


Vegan's Prauge

Adress: Nerudova 36, PragueCzech Republic, 118000

Vegan's Prauge is a vegan restaurant inside an 16th century building near Prague Castle. They built a terrace with view of Prauge. They make delicious home-style Czech and international cuisine as well as lovely desserts. 

Charles bridge

Charles bridge is an historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the beginning of the 15th century. Now it is filled with live music, sculptures, painters, small stands and turists. 



I sadly did not get to go to a lot of markets, but the one I went to was magical! Flower stands, handmade skincare products and other essentials. As far as I could notice the makets was not open during the weekends, only from Monday to Friday.

Shakespeare Synove bookstore

Adress: U lužického semináře 91/10

This bookstore had about every english book! Every square inch of the store was packed with books about poetry, fiction, history, art, non fiction etc. The environment was creative, relaxed, adventures and fulfilling. 


Overall Prauge is a beautiful city with magnificent architecture, weather, people and history. The only thing I missed was a place to dip into the water. 

Prauge, I will for sure be back one day!

- Nora Marie

(Photos my Nora Marie & Oda Eline)