Introducing Nuet Wear

Second hand + vintage

As we both share a passion for recycling, it has been a dream of ours to have our own vintage space for quite some time. One of the many benefits of shopping second hand, beside the uniqueness and quality, is that it is both good for the planet and the society. After selling pre-loved clothing at a local market this summer we felt inspired and finally decided to make this dream reality. We wanted to be a part of the process of ending fast fashion as it is an industry that has such a massive and negative impact on both the environment and the workers within the industry, and we believe this is a step in the right direction. For instance, did you know that the fashion industry is to this day the second most polluting industries on the planet? In fact, the world consumes 400% more clothing than it did only two decades ago. That equals 80 billion clothing items a year which unfortunately the majority of goes to landfills. That is one of the many reasons why shopping vintage and second hand is good for the environment, simply because you are preventing another item from entering a landfill and turning away from fast fashion at the same time. 

Our love for pre-loved and vintage clothing is something that we have wanted to share with other people for a while, and it is a community we have wanted to fully be a part of and commit to. Now, we finally have the opportunity to both educate our fellow consumers and give people a chance to choose unique, ethical and sustainable, rather than buying into the apparel industry. By opening Nuet Wear we want to contribute to putting fast fashion, child labor and unethical trading to an end but also encourage self-expression through style. After hours spent working on the website, photo shoots, selecting packaging, measuring clothes and of course picking out the most lovely vintage items just for you, things are finally starting to come together how we envisioned it. We are currently a small business with only a few items in stock, but each item has been carefully picked out on our trip to France, from different parts of Norway or has been found in an old suitcase at Nora's grandparents' house. We will try to keep our prices as low as possible and our clothes are of course accommodated for all sizes, as our main goal is simply to share the beauty of vintage and pre-loved clothing with as many as possible. Hopefully Nuet Wear will continue to grow, bring you joy and give you a new appreciation of second-hand. And hopefully our little shop is able to expand the slow fashion community one item at a time! 

We are truly excited to see these unique pieces find a new and loving home. As said, our ultimate goal is to contribute to the growth of the slow fashion movement, encourage to support fashion sustainability, empower and promote the beauty of self-expression. Lastly, we want to bring something new to each collection but for now we have focused on more delicate and softer items, but they can be styled to your own liking. Our first collection of clothes is inspired by the forget me not flower. Not only is it sweet and delicate but it also have the strength and power to grow through cracks in the pavement. You are all so strong and beautiful, thank you for following us on our journey and being a part of this - and for being our muse! Hopefully you'll find something that speaks to your style!  

The store will go live as soon as possible, we are just waiting for our packaging to arrive, so watch this space! If you would like more information you are welcome to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or email us at /

Love, Nora Marie & Martine