My life, right now.

Every Sunday I have seven questions that I ask myself in order to get perspective on the week I’ve just had. With the help of these questions I am able to reflect upon what has happened, why those things occurred and what I would like to accomplish for the next week.

Some questions I asked myself this week.

Picture by Martine Aamodt Hess

Picture by Martine Aamodt Hess

Dette gjør jeg akkurat nå// What am I doing right now: Sitting at my desk, handed in an essay for school. Feeling accomplished. It’s raining, but the sun is peaking through the clouds. I’m content. Life is good.

Dette hører jeg på// I am currently listening to: Listening to my tåre (tear in Norwegian) playlist and now “Litost” by X Ambassadors is filling my bedroom.

Denne uken har jeg/ During this week I have: Made up for a week of no sleep while being in Greece with some friends.

Denne ukens irritasjon// This weeks irritation: Cold feet. The winter has starting to appear in Norway, and the cold weather is crippling in day by day.

Denne ukens opptur// One positive thing that happened this week: One day off school, meaning time to finally get some personal appointments done and a few additional hours to do some course work.

Dette har jeg fått dilla på// New obsession: A few years ago a friend of mine recommended the musician Tamino, and I have been listening non stop to him recently. Also, I have to admit to drinking at least one “eplemost” a day. It’s a locally produced sparkling drink with two ingredients. Apples and bubbles!

Dette gleder jeg meg til// What am I looking forward to?: Being productive the next few weeks. Christmas. Celebrating a friends 18th birthday in two week. Write more poetry. Swim more. Yoga. Selling vintage and pre-loved goodies the 2nd of December!

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