New year. Reset.

2018 have been whirlwind year for me. I have been traveling around Europe and Asia, re-opened NUET wear and started my last year of the IB. 2018 have without a doubt been a hectic year, however when looking back at the year it has all been worth it. For 2019, there are a lot of personal and NUET related things that I am very excited to share with you all. But for not, I created a list for you and me to use in order to really get an inside the year of 2018. How has it been for you, how can you make 2019 better and are there any aspects that you would’ve changed if you had the chance? 2019 is a new year. Let’s refresh and restart it together.

“New year - new conscious”

☞ Describe your 2018 in three words.

☞ Have I been gifted any signs to change something within my life? - if so, what and how will I adjust these aspects of my life to make room for a positive change?

☞ Do I feel like I have been writing or documenting enough this year? If no, are there any reason for not doing it as much as I hoped?

☞ Looking back at 2018 in general. Do I see a positive growth in both my mental and physical state? Where there any significant changes you did that made you into the person you are at this moment?

☞ What was the best happening in 2018? Explain why. How did it make you feel. Can you do more of that thing?

☞ How do I feel about the current fashion state of this past year? Have I consciously bought something from a brand I do not actually want to support? - What made me purchase that clothing item when I did not truly want it?

☞ Have I been spending my money right this year, what about this past month? - Are there any ways you can save more money in 2019? - What would you like to spend those extra cash on?

☞ How does your room look right now?- If cluttered, how would you describe your mental state? Figure out if there are any change you should and could do to your personal space to make other aspects of your life less stressful and cluttered.

☞ Write down what made you 2018 special, the worst or best year of your life. Writing thoughts down is vital in order to get a clear picture, and to make sure you do not repeat the same things again.

How has you eating habits been this year? Have you been eating intuitively and are you fullt satisfies after every meal? - Is food a part of your life that you feel like you have to re-think?

☞ Now. After answering all of these questions take a step back in your mind. If you now could use three words to re-describe 2018 what would they be? If you ended up using different words, why did you change them?

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