Passion projects


NUET was created as a result of us both wanting to pursue some of our passions. We’ve both been pretty much addicted to writing for years now, and as we share a lot of the same interests regarding conscious living, feminism, art, photography and so on, Nuet was born.  And it is a passion project above all.

August 30th was the date our first Nuet Wear collection went live. It has been a dream of ours to have our own vintage space for quite some time, so after selling pre-loved clothing at a local market last summer we felt inspired and finally decided to make this dream reality. We wanted to be a part of the process of ending fast fashion, as it is an industry that has such a negative impact on both the environment and the workers within the industry. Through NW we wanted to give people a chance to easily choose unique, ethical and sustainable.


But what is it like to manage a passion project on the side of school, work and a social life?

We both have a very busy schedule, which makes putting off time to write and find inspiration seem almost impossible at times. However, with the help of all of you, our friends and family we somehow make it work. It took us years to learn that you can draw inspiration from anywhere, it's literally all about perspective. Nuet Wear has truly taught us how to take a break from everything else to focus on creating something we are passionate about and to be proud of. 

Today, Nuet is a collaborative platform formed by creatives from all over the world, that are sharing their art, experiences, thoughts, dreams and anspirations. But we won't sugar-coat it, managing Nuet on our own is not always easy, and that is why we don't always manage to post 2 articles a week and keep our ig up to date. As we go to different schools it's hard enough to find time where our schedules adds up. So if that means that our 'Nuet meetings' sometimes (*cough* or pretty often) turn into a day filled with vegan pancake making, some impromptu photoshoots and just relaxing in bed, that is okay. We are just human and we are in no way perfect. And this brings us to the next topic ☟


What happened to Nuet Wear?

For those who have been following us for a long time, you know there hasn't been much talk about or updates regarding NW since September. There are various reasons to this, like less time to hunt for clothing and the fact that we haven't sold as much as we would like to. But most importantly, we feel that if our hearts are not fully in it, it is not worth it. We decided that rather than stressing to come up with a new collection, we would rather wait until we felt ready and inspired to continue our work. 

We want each item to be carefully picked out and we are constantly trying to make this process as sustainable as possible. The few pieces we currently have in store were picked up on our trip to France last summer, at different vintage stores in Norway and some were even found in an old suitcase at Nora's grandparents' house. We are trying to keep our prices as low as possible and right now we don't make any profit, even if we do sell all of our pieces. Our main goal is simply to share the beauty of vintage and pre-loved clothing with as many as possible. We wish to expand the slow fashion community one item at a time.

Now, we are happy to inform you that a new collection is now on the way. Currently we are not sure when it will go live, but we are so excited to share it with you once it is ready.  Hopefully, Nuet Wear will continue to grow, bring you joy and give you a new appreciation of second-hand. 


Love, Nora Marie & Martine


(Sneak peek from our upcoming collection )