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Get lost among artwork from the 1950's, neon flip phones and daydreams about sunny afternoons and honeybees. A collection of Björk, Flora Maclean, Iris, Rose, Lily & Carnation by Mucha, Henri Matisse, and two women gazing at heavy surf while lying on boulders on the coast of Nova Scotia, December 1961...
Lady Bird
App: Moon
Kaya Wilkins photographed by James Wright for So It Goes Magazine
r² Nobuyoshi Araki
Flora Maclean
tumblr: rouxet
romeo + juliet 1996
romeo + juliet 1996
Nasa press pic
Flora Maclean
Crystal Mary’s by Kyle Montgomery
Henri Matisse Représentation Végétale & Fleurs de Neige, 1952
Two women gaze at heavy surf while lying on boulders on the coast of Nova Scotia, December 1961.Photograph by Volkmar Wentzel, National Geographic
Björk (2001) | ph. Nobuyoshi Araki
Charlotte Park (American, 1918-2010), Untitled (60-15), c.1960. Gouache on paper, 29.8 × 36.2 cm
Naomi Campbell
Prozac Nation
Prozac nation
Jane Matchak
Nicole Atieno  /  Greg Lin Jiajie
The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson
David Alan Harvey. TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. 1993. Famous painter Bosco Holder.

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