Recipe: Green smoothie

Let this delicious smoothie boost your energy


To blend...

6 mandarins

1/3 cup orange juice

As much water as you need to get it to a water like consistency

As much Kale as you want. I only put in 3 long leaves

1 small nana

1 apple

Knob of skinned ginger


Your body is here to hold you. Not frustrate you.


This vessel you’re blessed to have should be cared for, not starved, not put in any discomfort.


Do not waste anymore time thinking negatively towards the skin you’re so lucky to be in.


Be grateful for your health, for a disease free body that carries you throughout your day.


Treat it as thought it were your daughter’s body.


Feed it bowls of berries or dark chocolate or warm homemade bread! Leafy greens too! Not too little and not too much.


Learn the language of your body.


Treat eating as a sacred art.


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