11 things I want to improve at

Every year people talk about new years’ resolutions. A list of what they want to change with themselves or their life. I’ve always been one of those who tend to stick to their list for a week before mindlessly putting it into my mental back drawer…. I bet I’m not the only one. However, after weeks of feeling like I don’t have anything figured out, nor been the best version of myself. It was time for me to create a list of a few things I want to change in my life during the next few weeks and month. So, instead of just putting my goals on a blank page in my journal or in the notes app on my phone, it felt right to create a public list on the site. Maybe I subconsciously know that I would not keep my word if I didn’t make the announcement public.

- A promise from me to you.


Remind my loved ones that I love them and appreciate them

Give them a hug, send them a message, buy them some flowers, write a letter or make them a delicious dinner. It is the thought that counts, and quality time is so important.

Call my grandparents at least twice a week

There is not doubt that I have the absolute best grandparents. Showing them how much I care for them is the least I can do after everything they’ve done in my life. Drive up to their house and talk about our day, call them on my way home from school or on my study break. Such a small act of kindness makes life a little easier.

Give a little less energy to expectations

 “Nobody truly cares what you do, they are too busy caring about themselves.” This is the statement I’ve been having on repeat in my mind for the past few months. Nobody truly cares if you wear makeup, or choose to be natural. If you show some skin, or if your nipples are visible through your top. They might stare, but they will forget about it eventually. Nora, just give less energy thinking about what people will think or say. They don’t care or have time to judge.

Speak my mind more often

I like to talk. I love to speak about all the social issues I believe needs more attention. However, if I am in a crowd of unfamiliar people something in me tells me to be quite and just observe. I steer away from being the center of attention at any given point. Therefore I am jumping out of my box and challenging myself to speak my mind when people talk about things I don’t agree with or simply want to say my opinion.

Complain less about the small things

This is very self-explanatory. Just look for the positive in any situation.

Let people in easier, I have nothing to loose

For those who know me personally you know that I either let people in instantly, or it can take me months, maybe years to do so. There is probably some psychological reason for this, and it is probably a result of a messy childhood. In addition, it also takes everything from me to fully trust people. - I’m afraid to get let down, or rather let people down. This issue won’t change without me consciously doing something about it. People aren’t out to hurt or betray me, I know that.People are wonderful. Real, raw, and complex human connections are beautiful - I just need to remind myself of that.

 Use less time on my phone

I’m going let you in on a secret. Some of you might think that I am the queen of not spending time online and simply enjoy a cup of tea and a good book. Even though the last part is true, I’ve been spending so much unnecessary time on my phone recently. Whether I’m trying to get my mind of school, something going on in my personal life or simply being bord, it has gotten to the point where on bad days I can spend up to four hours just on my phone?! Four hours?! Where does the time go? Those four hours could be spent getting assignments done, spend time with loved ones, writing or simply gone to bed a litte bit earlier.

Journal weekly

Ever since I can remember I have documented my life though words and photos in my journal. Somehow journaling has been a way of therapy through years of depression and anxiety. Sadly, 2018 has not been my year in terms of writing my thought, so I’m making it a goal to journal at least once a week. I can do this.


Focus on the present, plan less.

This is without a doubt the hardest one for me personally. I am currently in my last year of the International Baccalaureate Programme which is quite literally drowning me in assignments and due dates. My weeks until January are packed to the brim and there is only more to come. However, my goal is to not fully plan everything I’m doing outside of school and study time.

Buy less packaged products.

Yes, I still purchase food that is packed in plastic. No, my eco journey is not perfect, but I’m conscious about my choices. With that said I have not been doing my best the last few weeks so this is a reminder to myself: GET YOUR HEAD & HEART BACK INTO IT!

Practice more yoga

Yoga is for me a form of self- expression and truly one of my biggest passions. My plan is to become a certified yoga instructor within the next two years. Unfortunately my brain has been putting off the practice because it feels like it has too much to do. How could I possibly have time to do yoga with everything going on? Well, this is an issue that I’ll have to sort out.

Devote 30 min a day to myself.

This is such a cliche thing to include, but I am sure this will change my day. Whether it means to lay on my bed and listen to music, write, have a home spa or simply take a shower.

This is what I will be working on. It will probably take me weeks, maybe even months to see some change, but if I don’t start now, when will I?

(Photos by Martine)

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