A productivity project

Whether you are a student, stay at home mom/dad, or a working parent, being productive is most likely a constant battle. I myself is not an exception, but that does not mean that I don’t have tips that might help you on your productivity journey. Here are some of my essential tips on how we all can increase our productivity.

  1. Figure out the amount of time you can work for without becoming distracted.

  2. Reward yourself. A 15 min break in between your study/work sessions or a smoothie/something sweet.

  3. Make to do lists. Do the tasks that will take you less than 10 minuets to finish first. Not only will this make you feel more accomplished, but also clear your head and remove unnecessary stress.

  4. Know how you learn. If you easily get bored by reading texts books or articles, try to find youtube videos or documentaries that go into depth about whatever you are learning about.

  5. I personally find that I am much more productive if I go to bed early (around 10 pm) and wake up early. This has added a few extra hours for me to be productive in the morning, but I also know that I need to get shit done during the day, before going to bed.

  6. Spend an hour or so on Saturdays planing your week. Assignments due, meetings, laundry day, meal prep and other appointments. From there, make individual lists for each day with what needs to be done during that day.

  7. Remind yourself that if you don’t get everything done, that you were still more productive than you realise. Maybe you spent 7 hours in school, or went for a walk. Some days are ment for taking a mental and physical break from whatever is going on in your life. In other words, don’t be too hard on yourself.

  8. Similar to the last point, but make sure to remind yourself that you are doing your best. I truly believe that telling yourself that will help you in the long run in feeling positive, motivated and productive.

  9. Whenever possible, try to hand in, or do your assignments before their due date. Normally I will make my own personal deadline at least 7 days before the official deadline. This gives me time to read through my work in peace, as well as I have the possibility to ask my professor about anything I am wondering about.

  10. Make sure that your room is clean and tidy. If not, at least spend 10 minutes a day clearing and cleaning your desk.

  11. On the days where you aren’t getting anything done, text a friend, meet up and go to the library or a coffee shop and motivate each other!

  12. Remind yourself that this period in your life is only temporary. Just get what needs to be done done and try to enjoy your time. There is always something positive out there.

  13. Work on saying “no” to the appointments, meeting and social gatherings in which you are not particularly ecstatic about attending. This will eliminate unwanted stress, and refocus your productivity.

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