Yoga for stress relief

It’s April, which means exam prep and later on in May the all dreaded exams. For me, yoga has been an integral part of my stress relief routine, and I can with a hand on my heart say that it has done wonders if I’m unable to focus whilst studying or in the exam room. I’ve written a few other yoga articles in the past, and as always I have to make it clear that I am in no way a certified yoga instructor, however, I do believe that along the way of my five year yoga practice I’ve picked up a few great poses. Also, if you have any medical condition, be sure to talk to your doctor before doing any sort of activity.

→ Repeat all poses on both sides

→ Hold each pose for the same amount of time (count using your in-hale and ex-hale)


➴ Start in half lotus position, place one hand on your right knee and the other hand behind you back.


➴ Now, stand four, legs and arms direcly under the hips and shoulders. Back straight.


➴ Move onto all four again, breathe in and drop your belly down and look up with your head. Feet should be pressed down and hands facing forward.


➴ Take one hand off the ground and slide it under your side.


➴ Stay in this position for a few breth if you feel a good strech.


➴ Twist you whole body throgh your spine, elongate your head and look over your sholder. Repeat on the other side. Breath, and close your eyes.


➴ Using arm strength, push into downward facing dog. Legs either straightened out, or bent. Relax your head between your sholders.


➴ On an out-hale push you spine up, head moving inwards towards the belly. (Repeat this until your spine is warmed up.


➴ Be aware, and make sure you are relaxed between your shoulders.


➴ Challenge yourself further: elongate the other hand over and stretch.


➴ With a straight back, place your legs towards your stomach parallel. Strech one arm over head, then twist, and place over you side. Then, place the other hand behind your back and twist like you did earlier. Repeat on both sides.


➴ This is a moment for you to refocus on your breath, and disconnect from all the stress you've been feeling lately.


➴ Strech your arms over head, relax you shoulders and feel a good strech in your spine and stomach.


➴ Fold your hands and fingers behind your head, whilst you open up your chest using your arms.


➴ Bend your head downwards, and rest the weight of your hands on your head. Note: Do not put more pressure on your head as this can lead to neck injury.


➴ First relax your hands along your sides. Then, place one hand on your head, and strech the other hand down towards the ground.


➴ Repeat on the other side. You will hopefully feel this streach in your neck and the elongated arm.

How do you feel after this stretch? Hopefully your stress levels have decreased slightly at least and that you are ready to take on some more work, or go to bed for the day.

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