Where are we based?

We are both born and raised on the West coast of Norway, which is where we are also currently based. If you follow us on Instagram, you can make sure to keep up with where we travel etc. 

If you by any chance live in Stavanger, or are visiting, be sure to send us a message! We would love to meet up or maybe collaborate on a project.

Where do WE ship?

Worldwide! Do note that there are different prices for Norway, Europe and the rest of the world. We offer international shipping, so people all around the world can easily choose sustainable clothing. Also note that the mailing time may vary as we send the package from Norway, as well as the prices does not include local taxes. We are not responsible for the package after it is shipped.


what is #creativesuniting?

#creativesuniting is a collaborative project created to make it easier for artists to get in touch and share their art. You can submit pieces that focuses on art specifically, for the website and use the tag to be featured on ig. This enables us to have the ability to see whatever you share and connect you to other people! We would love to see you use #creativesuniting on your next ig post.


Why Health ・ Heal ・ Happiness? 

We wanted a simple slogan to sum up what Nuet is all about. Therefore "health, heal and happiness". We believe this captures the essence of Nuet. Below are some examples of what it entails:

Health - Mental health, nutrition, yoga, natural living & recipes.

Heal - Spirituality, activism, conscious living meditation, how to overcome and deal with challenges.

Happiness - Monthly favs, music, challenges, art, poetry.

I want to submit, how do I get in touch?

So happy to hear that you want to contribute! Click on this link to get some guidelines and tips on how to submit. Other than that, our email and dm are always open. To check out previous submissions you can click on the button on top of this page named "categories".

Cannot wait to hear from you x