For the first time in ten years we are not going to the same school. Going from seeing each other everyday, to only see each other once or twice a week, has been a huge adjustment. When we finally get the time in-between school and work, we are either working on the site, making food or going to political meetings. 

It's now autumn break, and we decided to kick it off with a sleepover! Making the most out of the time we had before Nora was leaving for Amsterdam. Since we don't get to see each other as oftes as we used to, we decided to do something special. We made vegan porridge and hot chocolate and enjoyed it outside in the cold autumn air. With our red noses and cozy blankets we talked and for hours until the stars and moon came out to play. We did not go back inside until we could see our breath in the cold air and the candles blew out in the wind. We then decided to do some creative writing-exercises. We logged in at tumbler and chose a random photo to write about/get inspired by. 10 minutes later we would read each others texts and give feedback. It's such a great way to learn and become better at writing but it's luckily not as terrifying as a school essay. We fell asleep without the curtains closed so we woke up by the sunshine entering my room. For breakfast we made vegan hot chocolate and oatmeal sprinkled with cacao nibs, agave syrup and chia seeds. Before Nora had to leave we found a poem about autumn to share with you:

I think what it is about Autumn that we 

all love so much is the comfort that it brings -

I find solace in sitting by the window on brisk October days,
wearing a knit sweater,

watching the leaves fall, and warming my hands with a coffee mug.


- Martine